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There, you should explain how you organized your data, what statistical tests were applied, and how you evaluated the obtained results.Follow these simple tips to compose a strong piece of writing: Research paper writing is hard, so if you get stuck, do not wait for enlightenment and start searching for some assistance.

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You can also write about your comparative analysis, if you did one.

It is common to ask a colleague to perform the process and compare their findings with yours. Write the transition for the conclusions section of your paper.

Pay special attention to the word choices and the structure of the writing.

If you decide to follow a section template, you should be careful and keep your professor’s instructions in mind.

There are differences between qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis.

In qualitative researches using interviews, focus groups, experiments etc.

It is a good idea to consult a statistics expert if you have a large amount of data and have no idea on how to summarize it.

Your academic advisor may suggest you where to find a statistician to ask your questions.

Writing up the analysis is the bulk of the project.

As Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab notes, analysis is a useful tool for investigating content you find in various print and other sources, like journals and video media. Make multiple photocopies of all relevant print materials.


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