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As Nolan has stated in interviews, this movie was not meant to explore the Joker’s backstory because it’s really not that important to the film.Simply put, the Joker represents anarchy and chaos, a constant and near-unstoppable force whose origins are inexplicable (something which is made clear rather explicitly when the Joker delivers two creepily different monologues as to his scars’ origins).It’s been said dozens of times already, but Nolan truly uses the entire screen (six-stories tall as it is) as a canvas to paint a rich and dramatic tale.

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The Joker is unpredictable and can’t be reasoned with, nor does he have any broader goals except to create chaos and destruction.

When people violate this personal space, the results can be terrifying.

The movie touches upon these questions of human nature, but they are perhaps its least developed.

We see this theme pop up several times, most notably in two separate instances.

Firstly, it’s evident when Batman breaks into Wayne enterprises and gives Lucius Fox fee reign of the cell phone hackery he has perpetrated upon all of Gotham.

Fox demurs, believing that one person should not have this power.

Indeed, Dent’s journey from light to darkness is handled plausibly and adeptly in the film, which makes his story arc monstrously tragic.

Many people have remarked on how depressing the film is and I would say that I mostly agree: The Joker’s ability to destroy that which Dent loves and turn him to the evil that he becomes is sad in a way that can only be experienced by seeing the film.

at 9 AM in a packed IMAX theater, and boy was it was worth it.

From the opening establishing shot, which was incredibly vivid and breathtaking, I knew that this film would be something different.


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