Critical Thinking For Nursing Exams

The goal of critical thinking as a nursing student should be: Most nursing exams use case-based or application-based questions.

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To facilitate learning through reading, skim each chapter of your textbook before reading the entire chapter.How are you supposed to read all those chapters, attend labs, take notes, prepare for exams and remember everything you're learning while still maintaining some semblance of a normal life? A fatal mistake many nursing students make is to leave their studies to the weekend, or procrastinate until exam time.There is no place for procrastination in nursing school.Becoming a nurse is much more than just acquiring medical knowledge and facts.Your patients aren't going to care what you know, they're going to care how you can help make them feel better.Nursing school may not be medical school, but there's no question it's challenging.In fact, for students managing a job, personal life and their nursing studies all at the same time, the challenge may seem insurmountable. Below we'll explore proven study tips and strategies that will not only help you improve your performance in your nursing program, but help make life a little more enjoyable too.As you study different health conditions and explore human physiology, always ask your self how you're going to apply what you're learning to help your patients become healthier.Think about how you would discuss each conditioin you study with a prospective patient.For more information on effective time management read Using Time Management to Improve Study Skills..There aren't enough hours in the day to cover in depth all the material you'll be assigned to read and study as a nursing student.


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