Critical Thinking Fallacies

Critical Thinking Fallacies-80
In myriad ways, but for the sake of brevity we’ll examine seven examples of logical fallacies that should be avoided.

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It means we do the research and learn before making a decision.

Plus, being innovative requires taking risks and being aggressive.

We give people authority all the time for little to no good reason.

Have you ever been at the supermarket and picked up a product, thinking: “I hear this is great!

If someone argues that your organization shouldn’t pursue a project because no one has ever been able to achieve its objective previously, that is not a solid argument.

Appealing to ignorance is used more often than you’d think. Of course, we’re all ignorant of many things, even those things that revolve around the subject of the argument, but that doesn’t mean we throw up our hands and give up.

A red herring is something irrelevant that is raised to deflect attention.

It’s used all the time in lazy filmmaking to mislead the audience, and it’s often found in an argument to distract one from making a good decision.

Reporting tools and surveys can help you collect the necessary data to avoid hasty generalizations.

The classic ad hominem fallacy is when the listener attacks the person who is advancing the argument and ignores what they’re actually saying.


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