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In 2017 the Department for Culture, Media, & Sport estimated there were some 3.2 million jobs in the UK creative economy, worth £91.9 billion and 80,000 new jobs were created that year alone.78% of the creative workforce hold at least an undergraduate degree (AGCAS-2017-2018), and the Creative Industries have seen the largest employment percentage growth in employment since 2011.Creativity and good writing are sought-after skills in today’s job market.

All of the OCA’s Level 1 (HE4) course units are worth 40 credits each.

If you’re studying towards an Open degree, you’ll need three Level 1 (HE4) course units to gain the necessarry 120 credits to move on to Level 2 (HE5).

These two units will bring together all that you’ve learnt on the degree in self-directed writing pieces, developing you as a confident, professional writer.

Our Creative Writing degree covers the full breadth of writing practice, allowing you to take the options that are of most interest to you.

All of your files, multimedia creations, and coursework are at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit our Resources section to download helpful documents, like our Family Guide, information about Career Development, our full catalog, and more.

To create a custom estimate of your tuition and costs, visit our Net Price Calculator. To learn more and get guidance on which degree program is your best fit, fill out our form.

In telling stories, we are able to explore the furthest reaches of experience – whether it’s our own, or someone else’s.

And in this way, stories also carry the power to shape the world.

As a flexible degree, you can complete the programme in 3–9 years so it can fit in around everything else life has going on.

You’ll start off with Writing Skills at Level 1 (HE4).


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