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Give each group a slip of paper with the opening line of the story.Group members will then each write a paragraph of the story, passing the paper to the next person when they finish their installment.She taught creative writing and composition at West Virginia University and the University of Akron and her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals.

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Eventually you might consider appointing different people to share out the tasks.

These might include Recommended books for writing exercises: The Creative Writing Handbook The Five Minute Writer Taking Reality by Surprise What If?

With the story's elements in place, the group's job is to form a plot and resolution from its pieces.

Getting support and constructive feedback on your individual work is a key function of writing groups, explains the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's writing center.

Beginnings to break the ice could be : This will encourage latecomers to be prompt and enable members to plan the rest of their day or evening.

If one person does everything, the burden is awesome.Group members can bring their own stories to a meeting then sit in a circle and pass their manuscripts to the person on their right.After reading them, each member must then write a new ending to the story.Exercises that focus on elements of plot, characterization and point of view can help group members generate new material and practice their creative skills.To practice plot development, Shippensburg University English professor Kim Martin Long suggests creating a story where each member gradually develops the plot.Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers The Writer’s Block The Writer’s Idea Book One of the reasons people join a writing group is so they can have access to honest feedback.But they often report that their fellow-writers are either too nice or too negative about each other’s work. You might consider appointing the two people sitting next to the reader to take responsibility for giving feedback before opening it up to the group.They must continue passing the paper until the story contains all the elements of plot.When they finish, a representative from the group can read the final product, letting the other members see how their work came together.Before your group meets, prepare four different sets of note cards by writing down different ideas for story characters, conflicts, settings and genres.To begin the activity at your meeting, each group member randomly chooses a card from each category.


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