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Depending on how long you have been working for at least one of your referees should be someone to whom you’ve directly reported.Always ask permission to nominate someone as a referee first.(Previous employers / managers are not obliged to provide you with a reference).

Download an example of a cover letter A table that matches personnel, or other resources, with desired skills to provide views of the need for additional development, training or the acquisition of new resources.

Download a Skills Matrix template Outline of how to develop a career plan — regardless of where you are in your engineering career.

By researching the skills sought by the employers you’re targeting and then matching your experience to these.

Our sample CV and covering letter are annotated to show you how.

The purpose of a resume is to sell your skills to a potential employer, think of it as a marketing tool rather than a report.

It needs to grab the reader’s attention by demonstrating that you are qualified to do a particular job.Engineering employers don’t need to know the specifics of modules that don’t relate to them.Include your A level (or equivalent) subjects and grades.Outline engineering work experience in you CV, judging how much detail to give by how closely it relates to the specific job you are applying to. Many engineering employers look very favourably on achievements and experiences outside engineering.Nims recommends: 'Start by summarising the main things you did during your work experience. For example, one major engineering recruiter comments that it awards extra points at the applications stage for ‘life experience’.Download a guide to preparing your Functional Resume A good cover letter can help you get a job interview by convincing an employer that you have the skills to do the job.It will also demonstrate your written communication skills.This can be a real boost if you haven’t been able to secure engineering work experience – and can give you an extra edge if you have.Examples worth mentioning include fundraising, voluntary work, organising independent overseas travel, sporting achievements or taking a leading role in a university society.This gives employers a choice in who they speak to, and also gives you a fallback if one of your referees is unavailable for some reason.Corrosion (or the rusting of embedded steel) of/in reinforced concrete structures is a worldwide safety concern.


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