Course Reflection Essay

Course Reflection Essay-10
Reflection is about reviewing an experience by analyzing, describing and evaluating and also understanding of what it means to be a practitioner (Rolfe, 2011).

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Academic development module enable to develop the skills to access information and management from different sources.

This also demonstrate academic thinking and writing, referencing, lifelong learning and reflecting up on it.

I have decided to enroll for this course because the health care system is constantly developing and more research evidence emerges and also nurses are taking on more responsibility.

John (2004) suggest that a structured reflection model is important to a practitioner to assess the depth of reflection which is necessary for learning through experience.

Gaining this experience and having support from others as well as the teacher was something that made me understand how art influence me into being who I am today.

The reason for undertaking this assignment is to reflect up on my experiences and feelings during the Academic development module and how much it influenced in my career.

Although it was sort of easy to create a realistic face similar to the original image, I really figure out what sort of symbol would work for it at all that represents who I am.

They kind of throw off the image that I wanted to create and because of that, I’m not entirely happy with my piece.

Although my creative thinking skills and ideas have not been in its best qualities, I did learn a few things from one project to another.

Using some of the ideas and pieces that I have inspired me during my time in art, such as Alice Neel’s show of insecurities through her painting and the symbolic use of creating a logo design, I can expand them through my life beyond high school by taking all that I have learned and add onto the work I will be doing for art next year in college, including the side jobs that I will be performing in the future. Although this year may seem a bit difficult to be able to express much of my creativity onto canvas, it helped me understand more about myself in many ways and will be a great influence for future preference.


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