Constructing Argumentative Thesis

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To construct an essay like that, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are being asked, to not waffle, to spend time and care with your thesis and outline, and to support every claim you make.

The AP English argument FRQ is the most straightforward of the AP English FRQs because it is the most like essays you are already used to writing.

But there is no right or wrong answer for this AP English FRQ.

And whatever argument you choose will not come back later in the exam or in your final grade in the class.

All students are likely to have their own definitions of creativity and their own opinions about a creativity class.

For the purposes of example, let’s use Steve Jobs’ definition of creativity and quickly outline an argument for the creation of a class in creativity.Knowing the question you are answering is the most important part of AP writing.You will not be able to answer the question effectively if you aren’t certain what the question is.After you’ve determined your thesis, use it as a jumping point to sketch a quick outline.Then, follow your outline, bringing in your own concrete examples and evidence. A good argument builds as you move through the essay. Instead, the different points of the argument build off one another and work together to advance the author’s point.Questions like the 2016 question seem so daunting, because how one feels about disobedience has ramifications.It is a bigger question than students are used to encountering on an AP test.Pick out a specific sentence or two to determine the question, and thereby ensure that you aren’t just writing an essay that responds to the general sense of the prompt.But remember — the AP argument FRQ is designed to test how well you can craft an argument.There’s nothing to read to provide evidence for you or to help you form an argument.Whether you’re feeling excited or overwhelmed by the AP writing argument FRQ, being strategic about forming your thesis, crafting a strong, chronological argument, and utilizing good, supportive evidence will lead to a better overall essay response.


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