Constitutional Law Essay Exam Questions

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Accordingly, Congress passed the following statute: After lengthy hearings, the members of Congress have determined that the increase on crime is having such a substantial negative effect on commerce in the United States that emergency measures are needed.

We have also determined that the most effective way in which to combat this crime and help revive the economy is to create a national database of fingerprints.

One of these questions is also included in the Torts MEE Practice Questions study aid, because that question presents both Constitutional Law and Torts issues.

Although the analyses are illustrative of the discussions that might appear in excellent examinee answers to MEE questions in the real bar exam, the analyses are more detailed than examinee answers are expected to be.

In any state that does not implement procedures to effectuate this law, any citizen may bring suit against the Governor in his or her official capacity in federal court to compel compliance with this statute.

Such citizen shall be entitled to damages of ,000 and an injunction shall be entered requiring the state to comply with the statute.On Bar Now, NCBE’s e Learning platform, you can type answers to the questions, track the time you spent on each question, and compare answers to a detailed analysis of the issues presented in each question.Alternatively, you can download the questions and analyses from Bar Now.In the year 2005, the United States faced a dilemma.As Asia and South America recovered from their economic slumps, demand for oil soared.Accordingly, the following bill shall go into law beginning on January 1, 2006: Each state shall require the drivers registered within the state to re-register for a new driver's license by January 1, 2007.As part of the registration process, the state shall take the fingerprints of the person registering for the new driver's license.Note that the analyses have not been reviewed or updated for any relevant changes in the law since the questions were originally administered.Therefore, they should not be used as substantive preparation for the bar exam.The state shall then forward the fingerprints to the appropriate federal law enforcement authorities.States need not enact any legislation to implement this bill; they need only instruct the appropriate executives and administrators to carry out this directive.


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