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Within a quarter-century they had regained many of their former allies and restored their power to the point where it is possible to speak of a “Second Athenian Empire.” To be sure, the Spartans had become the dominant force in Greece, but their victory brought no repose and much trouble.

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A senior-year research project that includes classical humanities is developed and presented to faculty, parents and peers. I have been studying and enjoying the Classics for several years and it’s gratifying that I can contribute something of value to the scholarship around the study of ancient Greek and Latin.” Graduating as class Valedictorian, Sebastian was also selected as a member of the Cum Laude Society in 2014.

Currently, Sebastian is reading for a BA in Jurisprudence at Oxford and serves on the Oxford Transitional Justice Research team, a large and diverse academic community conducting research on issues of transition in societies recovering from conflict and/or repressive rule.

was founded in 1987 to recognize and publish exemplary history essays by high school students in the English-speaking world and is known for being the only quarterly journal in the world to publish the academic work of secondary students.

As a Classical Scholar, Sebastian first presented his paper at St.

There seems to be no provision given in the school day or the school year for teachers to give the attention to serious research papers that they inevitably require.

High school teachers have no Reading Days at the end of term, but perhaps they should, if we want students to learn how to write a decent term paper once before they graduate.

Many of these essays were from private school students, but many were also from the students of overworked public high school teachers, including a number who were preparing their students for AP and IB and ACT exams.

The principal obstacles cited by those surveyed for this study were the amount of time required for reading and grading long research papers, and the fact that this time almost always had to be taken from personal time—in the evenings, on weekends, early in the morning, and so on.

College professors have been complaining for years that incoming students had no idea how to write papers, and some employers were setting up writing course for their new college graduate employees.

While there were many anecdotes about the dominance of creative writing and the personal essay, we believed it would be useful to conduct a study to see how many teachers were assigning history research papers, and what some of the problems with such assignments might be.


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