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(or equivalent) in religious studies (or a closely cognate field); (2) the (usually secular university-affiliated) mainline divinity school Ph. in religious studies, theology, biblical studies, etc., that generally requires a M. It is not necessary to do so, and it provides no guarantee of admission, but it likely helps everyone involved to determine whether there is a good “fit” there or not.

Everyone knows that this will change (maybe quite dramatically) as you get into your work, but this is a necessary beginning, and a test of your ability to propose an intelligent, significant, and “complete-able” research project. Rather than think in terms of generating an ideal academic résumé and then pitching it to various Ph. Then see if you have what it takes before you apply. Otherwise, you will appear not to be a serious enquirer. Many students have found it worthwhile to travel to visit prospective schools and supervisors and ask these questions on-site.

Note that degrees from option 3 schools generally will not advantage you outside the evangelical higher education network. Ideally, you will have all three of the following statements: a one-sentence description of your research question; a one-page summary (c.

in religious studies (these programs can be quite rigorous and prestigious—such as Duke, Chicago, Princeton Seminary, or the Toronto School of Theology—and tend to have more courses and examinations required than option 1 in order to compensate for students not having the B. in the field); and (3) the evangelical university or seminary Ph. (e.g., Wheaton, Fuller, Trinity Evangelical, that generally have the same requirements as option 2). programs—even the best—tend to be less strict about formal requirements and thus sometimes accept theological students without a B. Before you make enquiries with a program or a prospective supervisor, you should have a written statement of your intended research program.


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