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The sustainability of development is in question today.

The sustainability of development is in question today.

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Technology refers to the use of tools, machines, materials, techniques and sources of power to make work easier and more productive.

While science is concerned with understanding how and why things happen, technology deals with making things happen. The stage of development the human being has arrived could have been possible without the advancement in technology.

This could be possible only because of technological advancement in health sector.

There is perhaps no field of human life which has not been affected by technology.

Technology has quickly changed the way people trade since the business people nowadays use internets, calculators, telephone, mobile forms, and airplanes (Klein, 2008).

In the past, carrying goods to the marketplaces were done by people themselves or by use of animals such as donkeys, camels, and even cows (Klein, 2008).It has been discussed here as to how development – economic as well as social – takes place with the advancement of technology but not without leaving a scar to threaten the human society.The development of technology, which itself is symptomatic of development, has brought about not only economic development but also radical changes in the social and cultural spheres of society. Technological advancement and development have come to a stage where human society finds itself at a crossroads.Due to Industrial Revolution, most of the societies are either mortgaged to banks or paying the high rental fee.In the past, the majority of the businesses were done locally and counting done manually.This could not be done in the past as it forced the traders to travel all the way in order to take their goods and interact with the consumers.Agricultural systems have changed and advanced throughout the past as technology also advances.The societies have become an information world where technology is almost everything as opposed to the past.Technology has changed and advanced a great deal presently compared to the earlier periods.On the other hand, when starting a business presently, registration is done in the local business registration offices, and a business name is applied using the computers with internets.In addition, with the birth of the internet, businesspersons can conduct international trade while they are in their countries without traveling all the way.


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