Cbt Case Study Essay

Cbt Case Study Essay-57
The following is a list of psychological problems where CBT has been utilized.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is utilized in treating multiple types of psychiatric problems.

The treatment is typically done between 3 and 6 months, depending on the problem.

CBT allows patients to interrupt these thoughts with a deeper understanding of the errors or distortions in the perception of these automatic thoughts.

This type of therapy helps patients to correct misinterpretations of the thoughts that have caused disruption in their daily lives.

Psychotherapy focuses on the personal meaning of thought patterns that are believed to have developed in childhood.

Behavioral therapy emphasizes the close relationship between personal problems, behavior, and thoughts.

For instance, how one feels about a certain situation can cause physical and emotional feelings, resulting in varying behaviors in response.

CBT breaks problems down into smaller pieces to give detailed attention to each part.

Here are other areas where the conceptual principles overlap.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, like other therapies, focuses on reducing the presence of negative emotions.


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