Cash Flow Template For Business Plan

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Tutorials (based on Exl-Plan which shares many common features with Cashflow Plan) covering the basics of setting up and using Cashflow Plan.

More powerful versions also include a tool for consolidating projections. Cashflow Plan is pre-formatted to handle the very wide range of the variables and functions normally encountered when preparing cashflow and financial projections.

Note: If you need projections extending beyond 12 months for a business plan etc., you should have a look at Exl-Plan, our range of fully-integrated financial planners which can generate projections for months and quarters extending to three, five or seven years. Cashflow Plan will help plan your business's cash requirements, improve control over cashflows and conserve cash resources. System: Windows 95/98/ Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/ Win7,8,10 with Excel 5,7,8,95,97,2000, XP,2003, 2007,2010,2013,2016. Based on your assumptions, it compiles detailed, fully-integrated financial projections for the coming year on a monthly basis, and for the initial three months on a weekly basis.

As part of a healthy and robust business plan, you’ll need to estimate the cash inflow and outflow from your business over time on monthly basis.

Small Business BC’s cash flow forecasting tool is the first step to understanding your true businesses viability.It will be especially useful if you need to forecast cashflows in the context of: Name: Cashflow Plan for Businesses (six versions). It automatically produces 20 pro-forma financial and management reports together with numerous graphs for key variables.Function: Microsoft Excel-based template for 12-month income, cash flow & balance sheet projections with roll-forward facility. You can download free trial copies of all versions of Cashflow Plan.Purchase prices and upgrade fees for Cashflow Plan are as follows: Cashflow Plan is a software tool for preparing cashflow projections for a business.It will be especially useful to your business if you need to improve its future net cashflow. Create shortcuts Most importantly, Cashflow Plan serves as a tool which allows you to concentrate on the task of cashflow planning rather than programming.Cashflow Plan will help you to plan cash requirements and thereby improve control over your business's cashflows and to conserve its cash resources. It saves you from having to write hundreds of formulae and routines and allows you to devote more of your valuable time to researching assumptions and evaluating the resultant projections.For more guidance, see the Checklist for Improving Cashflow and Making Cash Flow Forecasts. Used effectively, Cashflow Plan can help improve cash flow and conserve scarce cash resources.for young & established businesses of all sizes and types.It incorporates a roll-forward facility to help you to speedily update the projections every month.Uses: Cash flow planning, budgeting, raising finance, cash management. Cashflow Plan is available in six versions (, Micro, Lite, Plus, Super and Ultra) to enable you to select the best planning tool to meet your business's needs.For: Managers, consultants, entrepreneurs & startups. Each version can handle either UK/International or US/Canadian accounting conventions.


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