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- Introduction to Business Law- Assignment 1B Advise TLC to any possible action they may have for misrepresentation against answer Ltd.

[tags: Law] - Business Law Assignment Table of contents Introduction 2 Main body • Issues 3,4 • Negligence 4,5 • Rules 6 Conclusion 6 Reference 7 Introduction As given in the above case study, Henrietta had engaged in a firm of solicitors to obtain a command so that she can be prevent from visiting and making a nuisance and irritation by one of her male friend.

So that Henrietta went to report a case against his friend in a firm to be free from her friend’s visiting and nuisance....

Ethics are moral duties that many people use every day, ethics are the rules or standards principal of conduct how people live life and make decisions.

Understanding ethics is observing what you accept as true and then think about how you would alter those beliefs when tested....

____________________________________________________________ _________ Treitel in The Law of Contract (2003) defines a contract as: "An agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognised by law.

The factor which distinguishes contractual from other legal obligations is that they are based on the agreement of the contracting parties." This quote illustrates the basic criteria for a contract....

There are laws that must be followed in a business or there can be grave consequences to said business.

A lot of laws involving employees, health codes, and overall safety rules....

As individuals, when we lack knowledge we perform practices unknowingly which could lead to major lawsuits.

Ownership of a business can be formed as sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.


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