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When I looked at the originals I’d written, I could see the indentation on the paper of my original writing, but all the ink had indeed disappeared.

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As one Redditor commented, perhaps her punishment should be bringing her grandpa to class one day!

Try to beat that the next time your child doesn't get to his or her homework!

Of course, teachers don’t often believe these excuses much, especially when the student offering the excuse doesn’t exactly have a track record of trustworthiness.

That’s why when you need to give an excuse for not turning in your home work, you’d better make sure it’s iron clad and totally unproveable.

I’d written the original several months ago with a special erasable pen (just so that I could make sure the original was perfect).

It was in perfect condition when I gave it to my student last week.I carefully wrote the originals myself on ordinary notebook paper, in standard, modern American cursive.This week, my student came to his lesson without having his homework done. I didn’t understand why until I saw what had actually happened.I’m working on American-style handwriting with a Middle Eastern high school student who is planning to go to university in the United States.For recent homework, I’ve been giving him pre-written cursive samples to practice copying from.Such kids often find themselves in a situation where they run out of reasons and some of them actually resort to “doing their homework”, while others just continue procrastinating.If you’re running out of solid, good and convincing excuses for not being able to do your homework, you’re in for a treat because I’ve got just what you need.The window rolled down on the freeway and it sucked my homework and some other papers out of the car/bus Back-Track-Pack: I accidentally left my backpack on the bus this morning.My mom called the bus company, who said they found it and I’ll be able to get it back today after school.If you’re a teacher then there’s a good chance you’ve already heard just about every excuse in the book for why a student didn’t turn in their homework.To hear students tell it, you’d think their dog has a ravenous appetite for pressed wood pulp and graphite and their constantly crashing hard-drive must be some sort of 1980’s-era audio cassette drive from Radio Shack.


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