Best Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

By crafting your correspondence to a potential manager in the best possible way, you'll increase your chances of landing an interview for your next administrative job.A cover letter should have a more conversational tone than a resume.

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But this is still business correspondence, so keep it professional.

Avoid the generic, "To Whom It May Concern," and address each hiring manager personally.

But a well-written administrative assistant cover letter?

That's the hook your resume needs to increase your chances of landing an interview and being hired.

(Date) (Name of Hiring Manager, Title)(Name of Company)(Address)(City, State, Zip) Dear (Mr.

or Ms.) (Last Name), If you’re looking for an executive support professional with insight, creativity, and exceptional professional integrity, look no further.

I am comfortable dealing with clients, customers and vendors, and am considered the office guru by new hires when they need information.

No administrative assistant cover letter is complete without the last piece of the puzzle: the wrap-up.

If you don't know his or her name, it's worth a phone call to the office to find out.

And don't make assumptions about the hiring manager's gender.


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