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Eligibility Requirements - 3.5 GPA - Good academic standing - Enrollment in at least one course with an Honors College designation - Completion of at least 30 hours at WCU at the time of application - Recipient must enroll in at least 15 hours during the semester in which he/she receives the scholarship Established through the generosity of Jessica Graning, Amy Manshack, and Lindsi Cauley, this scholarship provides support to members of the WCU Dance Team and students from Lincoln County.

Established by the generosity of America's Homeplace, this scholarship provides support to students in the construction management program.

Eligibility Requirements - Major in construction management Endowed by Monica O' Connell Flemming and the family of Stacy O' Connell, this scholarship provides support to students majoring in biology.

Adah Helder established the Helder Trust in 1963 to provide scholarship assistance to students from Haywood County.

Eligibility Requirements - Preference given to students from Haywood County - Current WCU students must be in good academic standing in order to be considered - Overall ability - Past achievement - Potential for development This scholarship has been established through the generosity of the WCU economics faculty to provide financial support for students who are minoring in economics.


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