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You are entitled to the Star Alliance Silver Status benefits.

This status recognises that you are a very frequent traveller who has flown often on the Star Alliance network, entitling you to all the Star Alliance Gold status privileges.

On behalf of all our member airlines, we thank you for your loyalty. This status recognises that you are a frequent traveller on the Star Alliance network and have flown regularly with our member airlines.

Simply keep flying and you could make it to Alliance Gold or Silver status soon!

You can earn status miles across all Star Alliance member airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programmes with only one frequent flyer card and attain Star Alliance Silver status or progress to Gold status.

Please note that Priority Reservations Waitlist is subject to individual member carrier’s policy and legal regulations.

If your travel plans change and flights are full, your status gives you higher priority on the standby list for your preferred flight, except when you are travelling on an award ticket.

When I called the customer service phone number, the lady did not care that I had a reservation code and wanted to sell me another ticket under the guise of "I can check if the seat is still available and if it is the same price..." but before she can do that, she needs to open a new customer profile for me and for that she needs my identification document numbers like my driver's license.

I ask her if she can just tell me the price of the ticket and if there are seats available without doing that and she says she can't until I give her my passport or driver license number and that I should not worry because she doesn't even have a pencil and she's not going to steal my information. That's BS but I said to her "ok, but no thank you," and she got angry at me.

The higher tier status levels of each of our member airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programmes are mapped against the two uniformly recognised Star Alliance status levels “Star Alliance Silver” and “Star Alliance Gold”.

These two status levels entitle you to enjoy special Star Alliance premium customer benefits and privileges.


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