Autobiography Of Computer Essay

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The main term that was used was, “IBM-Compatible.” A large movement in computer technology was the use of vacuum tubes.

The third generation of computers began in 1963 and continue to the present.

These computers are smaller, faster more reliable machines.

If there were no computers many businesses would never have existed such as Microsoft, apple many more.

The computer has improved our economy and has helped us function in the world.

Soon after in 1953 the International Business Machines was developed.

This generation brought about operating systems and many different program languages.He is credited with conceptualizing and inventing the first mechanical computer in the 19th century.His first design was a computer to aid in navigation calculations.This was a huge advancement for this time period and all of components were made by hand.From the time the first computer was established the technological improvements have not stopped.Hollerith’s Computer Tabulating-Recording Company changed its name in 1924 to International Business Machines, IBM for short.This is the same IBM that is known today to many computer users.During the 1980s and 1990s, IBM was a large player in the personal computer market.It was as important as Microsoft is the to the world of computing today.Charles Babbage is considered “the father of the computer” because he was the first to develop the concept of a programmable computer.He was a very intelligent man who was an English engineer as well as a polymath.


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