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We also want to help researchers to make public “unsuccessful” but labor-intensive work that may not easily be published in classical formats, so that they can get credit for this and help others at the same time. _____________________________________________________________________ BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: DISCUSSIONS ON LESSONS LEARNED _____________________________________________________________________ Social media research is happening across a large variety of disciplines from media and communication science to computer science.While their research interests may be quite different, researchers from all different fields may come across the same methodological, technical or ethical challenges.

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Our aim for the series is to collect cases in which approaches for social media studies did not work out as expected.

This will deepen and refine our understanding of how to use properly social media methods, help saving time and effort by preventing researchers from making again the same “mistakes”. provide a platform for expert knowledge, which is currently inaccessible to the wider public – by focusing und the pitfalls and drawbacks of social media research which can hardly be published in traditional journal formats. enable discussions on methods in social media research on an interdisciplinary scale, by applying a new workshop format inspired by the “world cafe” approach.

We’ve had five years of extraordinary monetary policy; if the next five years look more ordinary (say, 10 year rates back to their normal 3-4% range), there’s likely to be a “repricing” of assets, possibly dramatic, surely erratic.

GMO’s asset class projections, which simply assume a return to normal levels of profits and earnings, say that almost all asset classes are set for negative real returns. The price of some returns is simply too high to bear.

By David Snowball There’s a good chance that the next five years will be far more challenging for investors than the past five.

It’s rare that a market delivers returns (12% annual returns) greater than its volatility (11% standard deviation).

You’ll notice that “1” is sometimes blue and other times “5” is blue.

Simple explanation: low risk (“1” on the risk scale) is good and high return (“5” on the return scale) is good.

I’ve simplified the screener’s output to look at just three variables: pure risk, which is measured by a fund’s downside deviation, pure return, measured by its annual percentage return, and then risk-adjusted returns measured by its Sharpe ratio.

The premium screener adds a bunch of other risk and risk-return metrics, but these are a good start.


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