Aqa English Literature Coursework Level

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Then I basically worked my way up from there Make sure you include a language analysis I guess really you just need to look at the similarities and differences of each book - but relating it to the question...!

I made the language analysis easier by choosing a poem instead of two novels.

Further guidance on setting, supervising, authenticating and marking work is available on the subject pages of our website and through teacher standardisation.

Please inform your students of the AQA regulations concerning malpractice.

If a student receives any additional assistance which is acceptable within the further guidance that is provided for this specification, you should award a mark that represents the student’s unaided achievement.

Please make a note of the support the student received on the Candidate record form.So I had a big brainstorm type thing, and then an ordered plan. Just an outline of where the essay was going in each paragraph and what quotes to include.Collecting quotes really helped my ideas, actually.I'm currently supposed to be doing my English Lit A2 Coursework - the one where you have to compare two books of your choice.For others who are doing it/those who have done it can anyone give advice on how you decided what to write? How do you get the "close analysis of language" in when you've got the whole of two books to focus on? My two books are Hotel du Lac and Room with a View and my question is "how does the foreign setting influence the protagonists" Any help would be appreciated because I am REALLY stuck for what to write, and this never happens to me.Our English AS and A-levels provide strong stand-alone qualifications that are designed to be co-teachable. The non-exam assessment (NEA) for the A-level specification only is 'Theory and independence', and consists of two essays.With the notes, I made a list of similar things (ie.main character traits, themes, attitudes) and a list of differences.You may provide guidance and support to students so that they are clear about the requirements of the task they need to undertake and the marking criteria on which the work will be judged.You may also provide guidance to students on the suitability of their proposed task, particularly if it means they will not meet the requirements of the marking criteria.


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