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Excelling on the AP European History exam can be a challenge. : When you read and analyze documents, make sure to group your documents into at least three groups in order to receive full credit.

With only 8.6% of test takers scoring a 5 and another 16.9% scoring a 4 in 2014, AP European History represents one of the most difficult Advanced Placement exams to score high on. Answer the question: This seems like a no-brainer, yet thousands of AP European History test takers forget about this every year. You should group based on the three respective key points you will be discussing in the body of your essay. Practice grouping: Just to hit the nail in the coffin, here are a few starting blocks for how to group documents.

Viault’s Modern European History should be like your bible when it comes to reading about AP European History. Identify and hone in on your greatest weaknesses: When you start practicing multiple choice for AP European History, you’ll quickly realize that there are certain time periods and things you know like the back of your hand, and others that are just very hazy to you.

After you have had a practice session with AP European History multiple-choice questions, write down the areas where you struggled and review those sections of your class notes.

Use them to affirm what you know about certain time periods and to bolster what you already know; then, practice again. Hank’s History Hour: Going along the lines of alternative ways to learn AP European History, you can also learn a great deal from Hank’s History Hour, which is a podcast on different topics in history.

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This is a great way to actually go to sleep since you can listen to the podcast while you dose off.Go to AP Central’s homepage for AP European History and select a few essay questions to tackle for the weeks leading up to the exam. Find a proctor like a sibling, parent, or teacher and have them simulate the test for you under timed conditions. Do not blow off the DBQ: In 130 minutes, 50% of your AP European History grade is determined.In case you didn’t know the AP European History exam is a 50-50 split between multiple choice and free-response questions. Print out your writing: Writing a coherent essay is a difficult task.Remember there is no guessing penalty so you really have nothing to lose. Don’t overthink things: When it comes to answering easy questions, typically the shortest response is also the right response. Try not to choose strangely worded answer responses for easy questions. That means that you want to make sure that you take your time in the very beginning so that you don’t get easy questions wrong. Use common sense: Often times with multiple-choice questions, contextual cues are given that signal the time period that the question is testing you on. Understanding and recognizing when a clue is given is fundamental to helping you understand what concepts you’re being tested on. Take advantage of chronology: When it comes to answering the multiple-choice questions, the questions are actually grouped in sets of 4-7 questions each.Practice recognizing when you’re at the start and end of a group.Make flashcards and review 15-20 every night before you go to bed. Supplement your learning with video lectures: While You Tube can be a distractor at times; it can also be great to learn things on the fly!Crash Course has some great videos here pertaining to AP European History.Don’t be afraid to come up with the general idea and go with that; then at the end of the paper, revise your original thesis around the main arguments that you’ve made throughout. Read continuously: Here’s the thing about AP European History—it’s incredibly detailed-oriented.That means it’s not quite like some other AP tests where you can just cram two nights before and get a 5.Students often overlook the importance of the DBQ and FRQs. Did you know if you got 0/80 multiple choice questions right but scored 9s on your FRQs and your DBQ, you would still get a 3 based on the 2009 exam curve? In order to do this successfully on the AP European History test you want to make sure that you have spent a few minutes in the very beginning of the test to properly plan out an outline for your essay.You may have heard this advice hundreds of times from teachers but the reason why teachers give it is because it really does help.


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