An Essay On Moral Values

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In their daily affairs, modern people deal with the variety of different essential and not essential problems. However, sometimes there is a great necessity to stop and think properly.In circumstances under pressure, there is no time to think properly as his conscious tells. This paper will argue on the concept that human behavior in modern society is influenced more by law than by moral values.

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The existence of morality can be interpreted as public recognition of the fact that the life and interests of the individual are guaranteed only if solid unity of society as a whole is provided.The law directly deals with the regulation of relations of morality (trust, love, equality, dignity, freedom, power, responsibility, status, etc.).However, it can not be viewed as a reflection and embodiment of the moral standards of society.In its various forms, it fixes ways of solving certain vital problems.The correlation between law and morality is obvious.This situation leads to a break in the links between people, leads to isolation and individualism, immorality and crime, to deepening the split between the rich and the poor in different countries.Martin Wolf writes: “The liberal market economy is morally imperfect, not least because it reflects the tastes, desires, and motivations of imperfect human beings” (p.50).People have been convinced that the strict implementation of moral rules does not always lead to success in life, although morality continues to insist on strict compliance with its requirements.We can explain this phenomenon only in one way: only in the scale of the whole society, the total execution of a moral prescription acquires its full meaning and meets certain social needs. The problem of the relationship between morality and law is traditional for those specialties in which the subject of labor is a person.Law is a public institution for the translation of moral representations into clearly articulated, unambiguous rules of social behavior and the imposition of punishment for their violation.“Because every law springs from a system of values and beliefs, every law is an instance of legislating Morality” (Bauman).


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