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In the first, Allen Ginsberg appears quite overly infantile and immature in his response to America's actions, as if he isn't a part of them.

He speaks as if America is his parent- or a separate entity to himself, and is satisfied winging to it.

Otherwise, the Bureau will have no function except as a minor tax office, for which it was originally purposed, under aegis of Secty. Following Parkinson's Law that a bureaucracy will attempt to find work for itself, or following a simpler line of thought, that the agents of this Bureau have a business interest in perpetuating the idea of a marijuana "menace" lest they lose their employment, it is not unreasonable to suppose that a great deal of the violence, hysteria & energy of the anti-marijuana language propaganda emanating from this source has as its motive a rather obnoxious self interest, all the more objectionable for its tone of moralistic evangelism.

This hypocrisy is recognizable to anybody who has firsthand experience of the so-called narcotic; which, as the reader may have noticed, I have termed an herb, which it is -- a leaf or blossom -- in order to switch from negative terminology and inaccurate language.

Deutsch: Allen Ginsberg mit Peter Orlovski, Frankfurt Flughafen, 1978. Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567783335" English: Allen Ginsberg greets Bhaktivedanta Swami at the San Francisco Airport, January 17, 1967. Licensed under CC Attribution Share Alike 3.0 license" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567783335"Repitition is really the only true poetic device of this poem, and gives the reader the impression that each line is separate from the others, as if the poem itself, is simply a collection of one liners Ginsberg has spouted or perhaps heard at one time or another, and glued together with a common message.

In the first two lines, America and the world have obviously just been through world war 2, and are in the midst of the cold war against Russia.

On the other hand, an equal respect and courtesy are required for the sensibilities of one's familiars for whom the experience has not been closed off by the door of Choice. If the tendency (a return to common sense) to leave the opiate problem with qualified M.

The black cloud of negative propaganda on marijuana emanates from one particular Source: the US Treas. D.'s prevails, the main function of this large Bureau will shift to the persecution of marijuana.

Allen Ginsberg has been credited "the single greatest influence on the American poetic voice since Whitman", by Bob Dylan himself, and Ginsberg would most probably agree, being his own biggest fan.

"America" is typical of Allen Ginsberg in that it's increadibly long.


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