Act 2 Crucible Essay

It is not clear if Mary means this warmly, or if it is some kind of threat.

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What we don't learn much about is his wife Elizabeth--how is she reacting and what will become of her?The Proctor's servant Mary has skipped work to be at court all day, and gives Elizabeth a doll she made.Reverend Hale come to ask probing questions about their Christianity, and as the Act closes, Elizabeth Proctor is taken away in chains, having been accused of using the doll for witchcraft. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.The way in which suspicion is so easily generated and accusations of witchcraft are so hastily made is Arthur Miller's way of commenting on the Red Scare which was happening in the United States while Miller was writing.During the Red Scare, people were afraid of Communists in the same way Salem residents were afraid of witches.More precisely, Elizabeth tells John to 'tell her she's a whore.' That ought to do the trick.John is angrily on his way out the door to do what Elizabeth has asked when Mr.(Goody is a term that was used essentially as we use 'Mrs.' today.) Distressed, Mary gives Elizabeth a doll she made while sitting in court.'We must all love each other now,' Mary says, ominously.In Act 2 of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, we see the tension which remains between Elizabeth and John because of the affair.'You come so late I thought you'd gone to Salem this afternoon,' Elizabeth says at one point. Proctor replies 'I thought better of it since,' but the stage direction tells us 'he knows what she means.' Elizabeth still doesn't trust John, and he knows it!


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