500 Word Essay For Lost Military Id

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Airplanes You and dozens of people are confined in a small space, breathing recycled air that's dry as a desert.Catching something can be as easy as a sneeze or a cough.

Airplanes You and dozens of people are confined in a small space, breathing recycled air that's dry as a desert.Catching something can be as easy as a sneeze or a cough.It doesn't help that hospital staff, including physicians, go to work when they're sick.

"Think about the hundreds of men, women and children touching those handrails." Thanks to the recession, workers are also likely to show up under the weather.

Some 63% of restaurant workers say they chopped, cooked and served while ill, according to a survey from national labor group Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

Ninety percent said they don't have heath insurance from their employer, and 87% don't get sick days.

Presenteeism, when employees go to work sick and aren't productive, costs U. businesses anywhere from billion to 0 billion a year, depending upon the study.

The cost may grow even higher in these tough economic times, when companies are squeezing as much out of their workers as they can and employees feel they can't afford to call in sick.


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