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This is critical since, without some idea on how to achieve your goal, you will flounder.

This is critical since, without some idea on how to achieve your goal, you will flounder.Resources Needed: To achieve our long-term goals, The Daily MBA needs to apply Inbound Marketing techniques to get found.To better illustrate the process, I will build an example narrative in parallel along with you. Business Name: The Daily MBABe as specific as you can when it comes to describing your business and what it does. Try to refrain from fuzzy words or muddled concepts. What The Daily MBA does: The Daily MBA is about helping new entrepreneurs and managers navigate the complex world of business Through relevant posts and topical discussions, The Daily MBA provides a fresh perspective on the day to day hardships that face entrepreneurs and managers.

Customer Pain Solved: The Daily MBA provides a comprehensive resource that answers the questions entrepreneurs and managers have while also giving them a step by step way to succeed.

Too often, new entrepreneurs and managers don’t have good mentors or resources to answer their pressing questions.

Schools do provide some instruction but this is mostly theoretical.

It’s always a good idea to look ahead a bit to see where you want your business to go. Don’t assume your next gig will be as big as Facebook or Google. Long-Term Goals: Within two years, The Daily MBA will be garnering 10,000 unique visitors a month, generating $5,000 dollars in revenue per month (via ads and related book sales) and be ranked as a top entrepreneur and management advice site.

This is the main character of your story and the name should reflect the attitude of the company. This description needs to be written with vivid words that conger up feelings that people can relate to.

Look at the items you circled in the brainstorming session. Even though it’s a business, that personal touch will make it memorable.Just simply describe the market that your business addresses.Markets Addressed: The Daily MBA addresses the management and entrepreneurship education market worldwide.The Daily MBA style is also informal and comes across more like a mentor or friend than a stodgy professor.Understanding your market space is vital to a successful business.Writing a narrative about your business is the first step in formulating those random thoughts into a story that you can tell prospective investors and employees.It’s also a great way to get past the anxiety of looking at detailed rows and columns of numbers that really won’t make sense until you formulate the genesis of your business. Exercise #2: For 15 minutes, brainstorm all the words and phrases you can think of about your business.Markets are complex, so it’s best to be as specific as possible in choosing what market you will address.You don’t have to be formal about it or even know the correct buzzwords.The best way to think about this is to describe your ideal customer.Ideal customers may not exist but they are a great way to focus your products and services to customers that come close.


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